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The 5 Guys You’ll Meet at Stanford

After a summer in New York City, a few things became evident: Laudurée has the best macarons, I was never going to get a ticket to see The Book of Mormon, and there were guys –everywhere.  But not only were there guys, there were types of guys who flocked to particular neighborhoods.  Williamsburg for the hipster crowd, Midtown for the investment bankers in suits, Meatpacking for the socialities (and wannabes) and Bowery for the prep-school graduates.  But definitely not a New York phenomenon, the Farm has its own types of guys that you’re destined to meet. So here they are, collegiettes, the five guys you’ll meet at Stanford and where.

1. The Startup Kid:
“Hey, wanna start up a start-up?” Okay, so maybe his conversations are a little more fruitful than that, but you get the point? Enter the land of the future entrepreneur. He is constantly churning out new ideas for the next big thing, vying for precious capital from VC’s and angel investors. You can find him wearing his start-up T-shirt sipping on a latte at Coupa as he discusses how his app is going to change the world. Beware of the startup kid’s charm. After all of those conversations with investors, he has mastered the art of small talk.

2. The Computer Science Kid:
Not to be confused with the Start-Up Kid, the CS kid is somewhat of a mythical creature. Don’t count on seeing him outside the confines of the library too often because CS107 is kicking his butt. But, don’t feel bad. He’s amassed a resume that rivals a young Mark Zuckerberg with internships at Google and Facebook. Plus, if you’ve seen the Social Network, you know that he can throw down!

3. The Athlete:
You won’t find him without the requisite Nike backpack, his team sweatshirt and a pair of Beats by Dre. Towering in at over 6’, the Stanford athlete is hard to miss. Catch him at the AARC or Jimmy V’s.  Dumb jock? Think again. Most of these guys are competing in the classroom as well. But beware, apparently we’re just “civs” to them.

4. The Fratstar

Just because you won’t spot him in lax pinnies as frequently as his Eastern counterpart doesn’t mean this frat bro is not the real deal. Often spotted in J. Crew chino shorts, Sperry’s and a Ralph Lauren polo or his frat tank -depending on the occasion- this guy know how to have a good time. Whether it be Illusions, case day or a football tailgate, he is always ready to party –with a pong ball in hand. Carpe Diem.

5. The Hipster:
A rare breed at Stanford, you can usually find the hipster flocking to Philz for his daily brew. After a year in an all-freshman dorm, he has moved on to Chi Theta Chi, Synergy, or Columbae to bask in his hipster glory with likeminded individuals. Smoking outside of the art building, this English lit major wears a flannel or a T-shirt from his favorite indie band. And don’t forget the thick-rimmed black glasses, which might not even be prescription. Searching for a hipster friend of your own? You won’t spot him at an all-campus. You’ll have to venture to EBF on Wednesday night or Wine and Cheese at Kairos.

Allison is the Her Campus Correspondent at Stanford University, majoring in Communication (and maybe Art History!). She is working her way up the magazine ladder in New York City with an editorial internship at InStyle Magazine under her belt.  Originally from Windermere, FL, Allison spends her free time watching football, devouring sweets and online shopping. You can follow her on Twitter at @allisonotis and on Pinterest! 
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