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You Need Fall Break Because…

Because you just received your midterm grades and you are second guessing your mental stability.

Because you want to see your family and need a hug from your parents.

Because you have been running on an average 5 hours of sleep and you need your beauty rest.  

Because you’re out of groceries and you need your parents to buy you more food.

Because the washers are always taken and you have reused as many dirty clothes as possible. You need a thorough clean.

Because you have failed so many tests in a row that you just need a break.

Because your liver has gone too hard one too many nights and needs time to recover.

Because you miss your pet(s) and need a good cuddle.

Because you need a break from seeing that one guy who you try to avoid at all costs.

Because you are tired of guessing what the food at the caf is.

Because you are over having to clean up after yourself.

Because you are sick of spending money on fast food.

Because you want to see your friends from home.

Because you are  sick of having responsibilities that you don’t follow up on anyway.

Because it’s exhausting being friendly when you pass people you barely know.

Because you desperately need something softer than the thin and rough toilet paper.

Because you’re tired of professors not cancelling the class for you and you have to skip yourself.

Because you’re tired of losing points and feeling guilty for skipping.

Because you need time to catch up on all of the episodes you missed of your favorite show every week because of obligations.

Because even though you need to get away, you’re always ready to come back.

Kaura Bassegio is a Saint Vincent College Alumna with a degree in marketing. As founder and former President of the St. Vincent chapter, Kaura worked on pitching ideas, editing, and leading a large team of women. Throughout her years at Saint Vincent, Kaura worked in the retail industry where she received her internship at American Eagle Outfitters. Now that she is a college graduate, Kaura will be focused on family, friends, and most importantly, finding a job! She is interested in fashion and her dream is to live and work in New York City. Follow her on Instagram: kauralbassegio
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