Working on Campus

Is Working on Campus Worth It?

Many students at SVC have a work-study job in several offices and departments across campus. Whether it’s to make some extra money or gain some resume experience, students have many opportunities to find the right work-study for them. I’ve had different work-study jobs since freshman year, and have loved each one. I’m lucky that my experiences have given me real world experience and relate to my major and interests. One of my work-study jobs is almost like an internship in that I am allowed to do so much. Not only do these show future employers my work ethic, but I also have practical examples for my resume. Making is just the cherry on top!

            A work-study position helps you make connections across campus that can expand your network and benefit you when looking for a job. It can introduce you to great resources that you never would have met before. I’ve also made some great friends who are different years and majors than I am, it's a great way to meet a wide variety of awesome Bearcats

            I asked a few of my Saint Vincent peers who work-on campus whether or not they feel the experience was beneficial to them.

            Courtney Kahl, a senior business management major, said getting a work-study was one of the best decisions she’s made at SVC. She works at the Career Center, where she gets to work on projects the relate directly to her major. She loves getting to know everyone in the office as well!

            Luke Good, senior marketing major, has had great experiences at his on-campus job at the Admissions office. He said, “What I like best is the ability to make some money while contributing to the school. It’s a great way to network internally while making some money to pay off loans, or to use at Falbo’s instead”.

            Adam Hubert, a senior finance major, works as a finance tutor for the McKenna school. He said that it’s been a great experience. “Getting to work with other students to help them better understand assignments has been very fulfilling. I also get to review the material again for myself, which helps me remember it even more, so it’s a win-win”.

            Mariana Kuo, a senior integrated science major, said, “I get to work with my friends in a relaxed and enjoyable environment”. Sarah Fiano, a senior marketing major, also has a great experience. She said, “I really enjoy working at the Fitness Center. It’s a great opportunity that teaches students time management and responsibility!”

            Work-study positions aren’t for everyone, and some times people that have one don’t have great experiences. In that case, it’s recommended that you try to speak with your immediate supervisor to try to resolve any issues. If that does not work, students are encouraged to contact the Career Center.

            A work-study is usually a great way to make connections, make some friends, and earn some extra money while you’re studying in college. I hope this article helps you to decide whether or not a work-study job is right for you!