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Sway All Day: 6 Benefits of Hammocking

Have you ever had a rough day and just need to get away for a bit? You just need some “me time” where you can just relax and think about whatever is going on in your life. One of my favorite things to do when I feel like this is to hammock.

I find hammocking to be so relaxing and enjoyable. There is nothing better than being outside in nature and the nice weather while hammocking. According to Hammock Universe, there are six benefits to hammocking.

  1. Attaining a sleeping position that is beneficial for your back. While sleeping in a hammock, you will not be tempted to sleep on your side or stomach. Sleeping in a hammock will also allow your head to be elevated higher than the rest of your body naturally.
  2. The second benefit of hammocking is being able to fall asleep faster than you would in a bed. They think this is because of the slow swaying motion from a hammock; it is able to help people relax better.
  3. Being able to have a deeper sleep. After having a night of deep sleep your mood is supposedly better and your work performance is increased too.
  4. Sleeping with a zero-pressure point system is unheard of when you are sleeping in a bed — this Hammock Universe’s fourth benefit. Hammocks conform to our bodies, unlike how our bodies conform to beds.
  5. The fifth benefit of hammocking is that the gentle sway of a hammock is beneficial for your brain. The slow relaxing sway in the comfortable hammock allows us to destress and relax faster.
  6. The sixth and final benefit of hammocking is that it can help people with insomnia, allowing them to get a more restful sleep than they normally would.

If you do not already own a hammock, I strongly encourage you to get one! They are not hard to find; I have seen them in several stores and online. I have never once regretted purchasing my hammock. Hammocking is something you can do on your own or with your friends, either way it is fun and enjoyable!

Jessica Smith

St Vincent '22

Saint Vincent College class of 2022. I am a mathematics major with a minor in education. I love to explore and go on adventures, which can either be in nature or to a big city. I am always willing to try new things and conquer my fears!
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