Stepping Out of Your Comfort Zone

It’s my last semester of college and one of the biggest things that I have learned through my time here is to take advantage of every opportunity available to you, whether it’s a club, sport, Honor Society, work study or even meeting a new group of friends. They always say that you will learn more outside of the classroom then in the classroom and I believe that to be true. I learned more about myself through the ways I got involved on campus: I’ve met new people, stepped out of my comfort zone, and tried new things. College can be intimidating when you first come onto campus but getting involved is the easiest way to make Saint Vincent College your home. Here are 5 ways to get involved on campus and step out of your comfort zone.



1.Try and eat with different people at lunch: You can always eat with your roommate but force yourself to eat with someone new, maybe it’s the person you sit next to in class or someone in your pod or floor that you don’t talk to all the time. You can make new friends whether it’s your first week at SVC or spring semester of senior year.


2. Join a new club/activity/program every year: They always say to join two new clubs after you start your first year of college, but what happens after that? You can still put yourself out there even after you have been on campus for a few years. Whether it’s a new honor society, work study or club. There are so many ways to get involved during your time in college.


3. Head to a sporting or campus event: The fall is always a great time for football and winter is the season for basketball games. Then, in the spring, there is always the fan favorite of Cotillion! There are so many things to do whether it’s a sporting event or APB activity, these are great ways to support your friends and school and still have a good time on campus.


4. Try a new class: One of the great things about our school is the liberal arts aspect. You can take a variety of classes outside of your major. Interested in music? Try music appreciation. Have a love for dance? Take a dance class. Want to learn a new language? Register for a language class. You can learn a lot about yourself inside the classroom, too!


5. Put yourself out there: It may seem scary but just by putting yourself out there, you can learn a lot about yourself by being open with yourself. I always say, if it scares you, then say yes. You never know where an opportunity could lead.


College can be scary but also exciting! The biggest thing I have learned during my time in college, is to try anything and be open to any opportunities because you never know where it could lead you.


Good luck this semester.