Renee Tempo

Name: Renee Tempo 

Major: Biology

Minor: Psychology 

Year: Junior

Hometown: Derry PA

Birthday: May 14, 1996


HerCampus (HC): What are you involved with on campus? Sports? Clubs?

Renee Tempo (RT): This year I am the Commuter Representative for SGA! I am also a part of Orientation Committee for Saint Vincent. I have been to New York with Women In Business, and this year I am hoping to go to Rome with Campus Ministry!

HC: What is your favorite thing to do on campus?

RT: Ever since freshmen year my favorite thing to do on campus has been to EXPLORE. Saint Vincent is such a beautiful campus with so many hidden places. I've even been lucky enough to stumble across a litter of kittens by the monastery!


HC: What is your favorite memory from SVC?

RT: That's a tricky question, I definitely don't think I could pick only one favorite memory! But I can say that one of my favorite memories was meeting my boyfriend! We met the second month of freshmen year and have been together since.

HC: So cute! Why did you choose your major and what would you like to do after graduation?

RT: I chose Biology because I've always known I wanted to go to the medical field. I definitely plan on going to graduate school after SV for either Physician's Assistant or Occupational Therapist! My dream job would be to work with children though, so either at a pediatrician's office or Children's Hospital.


HC: What is an interesting fact about you?

RT: My dog is my best friend! Although I have many girl friends that I love, I'd have to admit my dog wins the title. She just celebrated her 13th birthday, but is still my little puppy!

HC: What is your favorite thing about Saint Vincent?

RT: My favorite thing about Saint Vincent is that everyone knows each other and the professors truly care about their students! I couldn't imagine going to a big school like Pitt or Penn State and having a class with 100 students. That's just another thing that makes Saint Vincent feel like home.  

HC: So, the weather is finally cooling off. What is your favorite part about the fall season?

RT: Call me basic, but I love everything about fall! From candles to coffee I have an obsession with anything pumpkin! Plus, my favorite holiday is Thanksgiving; its a way for your whole family to come together, without having to worry about presents! 

HC: How about Halloween? Any fun plans? 

RT: I don't have any specific plans yet, but, hopefully it'll include pumpkin patches and haunted hay rides!