Putting the Scrap Pieces of My Life Together

After 2 and a half years of undergrad I have learned many things inside and outside the classroom, and one of those things is that stress is NOT a silent killer. Stress can knock you down and make you feel like a tap dancer is laying out the best routine on your forehead. So, what can we do when we need to take a step back and reevaluate?

Well, after a much-needed jam session with my girl Amy Winehouse and a good cry, I have adopted a new hobby that has literally helped me take pieces of moments in my life and categorize them into a wacky collage of awesomeness.


Scrapbooking—trust me my friends, you will want to break out the glitter glue and cardstock after reading this!


This Christmas, my boyfriend gave me the ultimate gift (prepare to either gush from the adorableness or throw up from the gushy feelings—take your pick). He personalized a scrapbook for me based on the Pixar movie “Up;” one of my all-time favorites. Since he knew of my crafty ways (i.e. my crazy crocheting phase of 2016-2017…his mother still sends me pics in the cute scarf I made for her) he got me a polaroid camera to snap retro pictures and display them anyway I like inside my book.

This activity has been so therapeutic, and after the first week back from break I have already taken advantage of its’ healing qualities. Taking 30 minutes of your time to do an activity you love can really help you gather yourself after a long and arduous day. Whether it’s playing video games, reading, watching an episode of your favorite show, or journaling…the possibilities for de-stressing are endless! Crafting has certainly been the best method for me to unwind.