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Our Favorite Local Coffee Shops

Best Coffee Spots in Town

The season of midterms have come back around again, which means us Bearcats need to stay caffeinated! Check out some of the coziest places to get your afternoon buzz.


1. The Coffee Bean Café and Roastery

I love the coffee bean because of its quaint atmosphere. It features lots of warm lighting to create a very calming atmosphere. There’s also loads of seating available with tons of coffee options to choose from! Make sure you check their hours before going, they close at 5 on most days. It’s a good place to be productive, eat some yummy food, and the perfect cup of coffee. 

(Picture courtesy of Coffee Bean Cafe facebook page)


2. White Rabbit Café

Located in North Greensburg, the White Rabbit Café features specialty java drinks, teas & pastries in a whimsical atmosphere. If you have a flare for being fancy this is the café for you! This café is special because it’s Barista’s are featured in Latte Art.. and what’s more fun and creative than that! Take a drive to Greensburg for another local favorite. 

(Picture courtesy of The White Rabbit Cafe and Patisserie facebook page)


3. Starbucks

Of course, our beloved … Starbucks is located in both Latrobe and Greensburg locations. The atmosphere is rustic and spacious.. perfect for studying. There are also sweet treats available like cake pops and scones for those days that your planning to stay a little longer. Both locations have a great table for group projects too, we all need a break from Carey, sometimes. Be sure to check out Starbucks’ downloadable app for more savings! 

(Picture courtesy of Pixabay)


4. Dunkin’ Donuts

If you’ve found your budget is running low – due to all of your coffee spree needs; look no further than Dunkin Donuts! They feature loads of coffee options at very affordable prices. Plus, if you buy one of their cups – you can get your coffee at a discount! The exact thing you need to hear until you get your next paycheck! Plus, there’s more – Dunkin features a downloadable app as well for more savings! 


Lisa Mason is currently a Junior Marketing major with a minor in Management. She is a member of Activities Programming Board, Women in Business, Singers, and works as an Admissions Ambassador at Saint Vincent College. Since she has a passion for meeting and helping others; she hopes to use her field of Marketing to become a professor as well as become a Marketing Manager of a firm someday in a major city. You can find her enjoying time with her friends, drinking salted caramel cappuccinos, or blogging. Also, it wouldn't be the craziest thing in the world to say that she is a Netflix, caffeine, and retail therapy enthusiast. Follow her on Instagram: masonjar_17 and check out her blog at http://youngandtwenty.blogspot.com/.
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