My Letter to Santa

Dear Santa, 

I have been on my best behavior this year. I focused on my schoolwork and I will make the dean’s list again. I am there for my friends and family when they need me most. I am a respectful roommate and I try my best to be productive and appreciate each day. I do these things to be a better person for myself and for others. 

I am not asking for any gifts this year Santa. But, instead I wish to spread gratefulness, love, hope, thoughtfulness, and the act of giving. Extreme shopping for gifts and other material items is exaggerated during the holidays and this year I plan to keep things simple. I am grateful for all of the opportunities, support, and people in my life and I plan to focus more on this than a long list of material goods. 

This year for Christmas I would like for more people to consider others in the world who could use a little extra love and smiles coming their way. Some ways to think of and help others include: 


-clothing donation 

-toy donation 

-soup kitchens 

-visit a home for the elderly 

-go caroling 

-donate to the Salvation Army 

-host a meal 

-share baked goods 

-send cards 


Any small act of kindness is so worth it and just give what you can! You will feel special from helping someone else and seeing the smile on their face too! The HerCampus chapter at Saint Vincent ran a clothing drive this year for domestic violence victims and it was very successful. I plan to continue the act of giving throughout the holiday season and I hope others do too!