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The Saint Vincent Archabbey Basilica is one of the most well known buildings of Saint Vincent College’s beautiful campus.

This is a statue of Boniface Wimmer, our founder. He came to Saint Vincent in 1846 and he had a dream to build a church honoring the determination and strength of many early immigrants that came to the area. Wimmer sadly never got to see the beautifully constructed building. He passed away in 1887 before construction even began. 

The basilica is an architectural wonder. It took 14 years to complete, and its beauty brings people from all over the world regardless of religious affiliation or belief.



Hey! I am Alexis Satterfield and I am an accounting major at Saint Vincent College! I am a self proclaimed professional shopper who loves the little things in life. I love my dogs, sales, just about every food in the world, and running is my favorite escape. I believe in hard work leading to success and the nice guy finishing first. This year is my last year at St. Vincent College and I am very excited to have Her Campus beginning to make an impact here at SVC! 
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