Macy's 2015 Holiday Windows

The Macy’s holiday windows were a must-see destination during a weekend getaway to New York City. This year, Macy’s decided to display the “Peanuts.” This year is the 50th anniversary for the “Peanuts” so it was the perfect time for Macy’s to showcase important scenes from the cartoon classic.

The front entrance to Macy's has the famous Christmas tree and Woodstock.

Snoopy on the side of Macy's.

The first window shows Charlie Brown and Linus talking about the meaning of Christmas. If you look closely, the orange background of the display is Charlie Brown's shirt as well as his arms.

In the second window, Lucy is giving advice to Charlie Brown. Viewers are able to put 5 cents in and also get "advice" from Lucy.

The third window has Schroeder playing the piano while the gang enjoys it. Charlie Brown is struggling to have authority.

The classic Christmas tree is shown in the fourth window.

The fifth window shows Snoopy "going commercial" and Charlie Brown upset about it.

The last window is the "grand finale" and it shows the gang singing around the Christmas tree.

The window displays were beautiful and will be up until January 4th so if you make a trip to New York City during the Christmas season, make sure to stop and see the "Peanuts."