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Lucky 13, Morgan Murphy

Name: Morgan Murphy

Year (Class): 2018

Major: Criminal Law and Society

Birthday: November 2nd 1995

Hometown: Pittsburgh PA


Why did you choose to come to Saint Vincent College?

I came to SVC to play softball and because it was close to home, so my parents would be able to come watch me play.

Why did you choose Criminology as your major and what are your future plans?

I came to SVC as a Communications major and took Intro to Criminology with Dr. Kocian and loved what I was learning and was gaining a better understanding of the subjects we were learning. I plan on going to the Pennsylvania State Police. I have just passed the first section of the process and will continue with the process.


If you could change your major, what would you change it to?

If I were to change my major for any reason, I would probably change to marketing so I could be a sports marketing major.

What is an interesting fact about yourself?

I was adopted and I have a brother by my adopted parents. I also have a half sister and half brother.


Congrats on being a 2016 PAC Softball Champion!! How would you describe the feeling?

It does not feel real. The whole team’s still in disbelief that we won. We were just having fun playing the game that we love and we ended up putting in hard work and reached the goal that every team tries to reach. We could not have done what we did without every sing person on the team.


With softball beginning, what goals do you have for yourself and for your team?

My goals this year are not only involving softball, but also academic since we are student athletes. I plan on stealing more bases and having less errors, but also better grades. As a team we all would love to repeat, but also do more for the community.


How long have you been playing softball? Is it the only sport you have played?

I have been playing softball since T-Ball so about 6 years old. I have also ran cross country, track, basketball, and field hockey.

What is your favorite thing about softball?

My favorite thing about softball… that’s hard….it would have to be the family that you make through the team we are not only friends, but a family. I know if I never need anything they’re always there for me.



Do you have a favorite softball player? If so, then who?

My favorite player would have to be Mackenzie. She’s to my right in the outfield and she also is the only other slapper on the team. We have each others backs on and off the field because we both are the same major. We push each other to be better all the time.   

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