A Lifestyle Full of Balance

This summer I encountered an amazing way to go about life through the phrase “live by the sun, love by the moon.”

This concept taught me how to separate my daily life of work, school, etc. from my love life and made for a more balanced, fulfilled, and happy self.

It is important to remember to “live by the sun” or listen to your brain, in terms of work and school, while to “live by the moon” or listen to your heart, in emotional relationships. These two parts of life are different, and they should be handled as such.


To live by the sun, you should always:

1. Think logically. Separate your emotions from your work and school life to ensure a successful career without feelings intervening.


2. Have a plan. When living by the sun, it is important to have your day planned ahead because it is hard to achieve goals when you don’t have any planned.


3. Follow the rules. We have rules in our daily lives. Rules at work, at school, and just principles we follow in public. This is an important aspect to follow when maintaining a good image and striving for success.


4. Have a healthy fear. To live by the sun is to listen to your mind. If your mind is telling you not to act because of certain consequences that may follow, it is important to listen to the sun in you since it is probably right.


To live by the moon, you should:

1. Think without logic. In emotional relationships it is not always best to think logically. Things are not as clear cut as they are in the workplace. It is important to let yourself feel exactly what it is that you feel, instead of looking from the outside in. It will ultimately leave you feeling a bystander instead of actually being in the relationship. Allow yourself to FEEL!


2. Have no plan. You can’t plan for love the way you plan to get a promotion at work. Love doesn’t come in a time frame. It doesn’t work the same way as a goal or objective you have in the workplace. You have to be flexible, spontaneous, and allow for things to just happen. Go with the flow!


3. There are no rules. There are no right and wrongs when dealing with love. There isn’t a timeline of when you should call, kiss, or say I love you. When loving by the moon, you should follow your heart and make your own path.


4. Have no fear. It is important to take risks in relationships to get the most out of life. If we didn’t take risks because we were worried about the outcome, would we ever find our love? Or would we be thinking too much with our mind instead of letting our hearts take over?


It seems contradicting, right? But that is the whole point of having balance. Having to act in different ways in different situations doesn’t mean you are trying to be two different people… It just shows you understand the best way to react according to different aspects of life.

So, be two versions of yourself. One who navigates through real life while the other deals with the complexity of love. It is as simple as you make it.