Lazy Girl Hair Hacks

Lazy Girl Hair Hacks 



Want to sleep in as much as you can or just don’t feel like spending the time to look presentable? These hacks should help! 




1. Braids: Shower before bed and put your wet hair in braids, when you take them out in the morning your hair will be crimpy/wavy and beautiful! 


2.Messy bun: If you want to sleep in as much as possible, just wake up and throw your hair in a messy bun with a colorful scrunchie. Messy buns are extremely in right now. If you’re really lazy you could even wear the messy bun you slept one will notice. 




3. Half up/half down: Let your natural hair rage and put half of it in a pony or bun. It will look like you tried way harder than you actually did! 


4. Curls: Put your hair in a high pony, divide, and use away at your curling iron. Once it’s all curled, take the pony out and it’ll look like you spent tons of time curling your whole head with less time and effort! 




Look just as beautiful with half the effort!