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Although many have thought of hunting as being a “man’s sport,” many women dominate in the outdoors. Believe it or not, in 2017 there were 4 million hunting licenses issued to women. Even though this is only around 11 percent of the total hunting population in the US, the sport is becoming widely accepted and appreciated by women. This weekend will be my first experience in the woods for Pennsylvania Archery season, and I am very excited. I know that I am starting out a little late in the game, but I wanted to give hunting a try! Fingers crossed for a good season!

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However, female hunters are not a new phenomenon by any means. Surely, since the beginning of time females have provided food and nourishment to their children. There is also a long and proud tradition of female hunters both in the United States and elsewhere. Everyone has heard of the famous hunter Annie Oakley who was born in western Ohio in the year 1860. By the age of eight she was able to support her mother and siblings through hunting. The revenue from her skills also paid off the mortgage on her mother’s farm.

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I have always loved nature, and although many will disagree, hunting is a huge part of helping the environment. Conservation efforts are a huge effort made by the hunting community to continue the sport that they know and love. Similarly, legal hunting helps to maintain wildlife populations. Although the past is a huge part of our present, today I’d like to introduce you to some of the most influential female hunters of today.


1) Tiffany Lakosky

Beginning as an airline attendant, she knew of her love for nature, but wanted to take it to the next level. Tiffany and her husband Lee are both a huge part of the hunting community. After marrying her husband in 2003, she knew that she wanted to try archery. It turns out that she was a natural, and they both moved to Iowa to follow their dreams.


2) Allie D’Andrea

Growing up in our backyard of Pittsburgh, Allie grew up in the outdoors, but never really started hunting until the age of 19. As a founder of Artemis, a group of women who make advancements for conservation, she makes efforts for both our generation and the next.


3) Amanda Caldwell

Amanda focuses on the purity and challenge created with nature while hunting. A bowhunter and real estate agent from Montana, she thinks of hunting as a way of life. However, her main ideal is to be a positive role model for her church, community, and town. Meanwhile, her beliefs of conservation efforts and preservation of nature are both equally important.


4) Melissa Bachman

With a degree in television broadcasting, Bachman began to investigate a career in outdoor TV. Beginning as an intern, she soon made her way into becoming a full-time producer. Traveling the world filming other hunters was her ideal, and now she spends 250 days hunting for her show, “Winchester Deadly Passion,” on the Sportsman Channel.


5) Eva Shockey

Seen as a “new face of hunting” on ABC Nightline and Fox Business Network. Eva has co-hosted on the Outdoor Channel for most of her life with her father Jim. She can also be seen featured on a Ram Trucks Commercial along with country music star Miranda Lambert. Eva is also the second woman to ever be featured on the cover of Field & Stream Magazine since Queen Elizabeth in 1976.


I hope that you have found their stories as inspiring as I do!




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