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Entirely Beautiful Campaign

Imagine a world where a woman is judged based on her beliefs, accomplishments, and character. Our society is quick to judge women based on their physical appearances; it’s all about beauty, body type, clothing, and sex appeal. For a woman to be worth anything today, the media implies that she must be flawless. We’re socialized to believe that a woman is not worth anything unless she wears impeccable makeup, hair styled to perfection, and she is no bigger than a size 2. This is a harmful message for girls to grow up learning. 


Personally, I’ve always struggled with self-image. I thought I was never skinny enough, pretty enough, or worth anyone’s time. In my eyes, my teeth were too crooked, my skin was too bad, and my hair was just NEVER the right length for me to feel confident in what I looked like. I wore makeup to school nearly every day from the beginning of 7th grade until graduation, because I felt that even if it didn’t make me pretty, it at least sent a message that I was trying. Without makeup, I felt like I had to hide my face; I felt that I’d made a mistake by choosing to expose the world to my “hideous” natural appearance. Thankfully, I’ve changed that view since beginning college, but those 6 years of using makeup as a shield still bother me. 

I wish I knew how much time I wasted trying to get my eyeliner exactly right in middle school because I thought it would make people like me more. Truthfully, I enjoy makeup, but I wish I’d never felt the pressure to use it. Women are not given a choice in what society says they should be doing. This issue was the inspiration for this article. This statement was designed to send the message that women are beautiful regardless of how much/how little makeup they choose to wear. It is not a measure of effort or worth; it is simply another mean of self-expression. Regardless of her age, job, outfit, or physical appearance, a woman should never feel pressured to be anything but her genuine self. 


With the help of some of the lovely ladies in my life, I was able to complete this project: The Entirely Beautiful Campaign. I posted a challenge on my social media accounts for women to send me photos of themselves wearing half a face of makeup. They were told to imagine a line down the middle of their face and to keep one side entirely natural; the rest was up to them. Their results were creative and stunning. I’ll be the first to say they look beautiful on both sides. Check it out!

Now, this is my question: will you do the same? All you have to do is upload a photo to your own social media with the Hashtag #EntirelyBeautifulCampaign. This can be on Snapchat, Instagram, Instagram story, Twitter or Facebook! You may not be inclined to do so, but consider what it would have been like to see that photo when you were younger. It sends a message that a woman can be anything she wants; she can wear makeup to enhance her features, but her natural beauty is just as acceptable. Amid a world of makeup tutorials, self-criticism, and social pressure, your photo has the potential to impact your fellow ladies in the best way possible. Don’t forget to tag @hcstvincent, too! 




I'm Megan Miller, a senior Psychology/Sociology double major and Children's Studies minor. You can find me giving campus tours, kicked back in the Fred Rogers Center, or on a date with my homework at the local coffee shop. If there's one thing you need to know about me, it's that I approach every day with one goal: make Michelle Obama proud.
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