Easter Traditions

As Easter gets closer, many people are making plans for break and getting ready to spend time with family. Many families put together baskets, dye eggs, and decorate their homes with bunny decorations. My family goes to the Easter Vigil mass at our church, then go home and break our Lenten fast with chocolate, ice cream, and wine! It began as a midnight snack session that has turned into one of our favorite family traditions. I asked my Saint Vincent friends what their family does to celebrate Easter, and found some fun ideas I want to tell my own family about!

  • “We do a money hunt! My dad and uncle pool money between them, and hide them around the house along with regular candy eggs. Then he lets us all go find them…it can turn into a blood bath!” –Katie E., C’18
  • “We have an Easter egg hunt at my nana and pap’s every year!” –Courtney K., C’18
  • “Every Easter morning, our baskets are hidden around the house. One year we found them in the washing machine, another year on our ceiling fan, and one time on the tractor in our garage. My sister and I still have fun finding them now that we’re older!”–Adam H., C’18
  • “My family has a big Easter dinner, with ham as our main course. It’s a tradition we’ve always had!” –Mariana K., C’18 

No matter how your family celebrates, enjoy your break with your friends and loved ones. When we get back, we only have a few weeks of classes left!

Happy Easter, Bearcats!