Cynthia DeMaio

Name: Cynthia DeMaio 

Birthday: August 9, 1998 

Major: Early Childhood Education 

Grade: Sophomore 


1. How did SVC become your college home?

SVC became my second home the second I pulled up into campus with my mother, orientation packet in hand while I looked for the Fred Rogers Center. I was not prepared to fall in love with SVC as fast as I did, but once I sat through orientation and interacted with current students, my heart was happy. The campus is so welcoming and the students and staff are full of kindness and are ready to assist in whatever way possible. Even something as simple as opening the door for one another is a kind courtesy. College is a difficult transition, but I felt ready when I came to Saint Vincent. It felt like I was a bearcat before I became an official bearcat. My strengths and abilities have grown and I have become more confident in myself. I have made friendships where we take random coffee or Sheetz trips and have laughed until three in the morning. I have made numerous fond memories so far, and it is only (and already) my sophomore year. I cannot wait to see what the future has in store for me and for the rest of my academic career at Saint Vincent. It is easily one of my happy places. 

2. Tell me about your hobbies/activities you like to do!

I have always loved to read, which is slightly difficult in college, especially in between assignments and classes. I adore hanging out with my friends and laughing uncontrollably (I have a distinctly loud laugh) and going on random trips, even if the trips may just be to Walmart or Dunkin for some iced coffee to get through our 8:30 classes. Besides spending time with friends and family, I am a new member of the track team here at SVC, so I am slightly nervous, but also excited with this new activity of mine! In addition, I love to watch movies and television shows with those I am closest to. I also love attending craft shows. 

3. What has been your favorite SVC memory?

My favorite SVC memory so far was this past September, where I went to a Mat Kearney concert with my close friends on a random Thursday night. Although the semester was off to a busy start and I had some assignments due the next day, my friends and I impulsively bought concert tickets at a cheap price and stopped at Sheetz on the way for some concert snacks. In between the screaming, dancing, and bouncing up and down during the concert, it is by far one of my favorite SVC memories. Sometimes, impulsive decisions make the best memories, and the concert was no exception. I had the opportunity to experience a great artist with some of my closest friends from SVC. 

4. What career do you want to pursue and why?

I am pursuing a major in Early Childhood Education, with a double minor in Children’s Studies and Disabilities. Children are our future, and it is our job to educate them and to cherish children for as long as possible. Children are not given enough credit for their capabilities. They are belittled, when really, they are the future and the future can change just from one child. Development is vital at such a young age, and to be able to impact children at the most important stages in their life is amazing. If I have the chance to make one small difference in a young student’s life, I will be happy. Teachers are not given enough credit, but most of our knowledge comes from teachers. Every time I interact with a child, I am ecstatic because even a simple interaction can cause some sort of learning experience to take place. Children deserve to be as educated as much as possible, in order to achieve a promising future. Every child should have a chance at a promising future, and I wish to make some small difference, even if it is just in one of my students’ lives. After my four years here at SVC, I also want to pursue a Masters degree in Counseling, so that I can assist children and students with any major life changes they may undergo. 

5. Tell me something about yourself that most people don’t know about you. I once went on a helicopter ride with my best friend, and even if it was just around the Pittsburgh area and a short flight, it was an amazing experience!