Cutting Back on Caffeine

Coffee ... I love enjoying a nice cup, but often I find myself penciling this into my everyday routine. This dirty habit of ordering a “caramel iced coffee with cream, please” has affected my health, time management and bank account! A nice Dunkin’ run is always fun with the girls but, I’ve noticed a few negative effects it has had on me. 

  1. I am WASTING money. I spend way too much of my hard-earned money on coffee. 

  2. I have scheduled going out to get a cup in my daily routine, making me less productive. 

  3. The daily caffeine has made me jittery, anxious, and jumpy.  

  4. The added sweeteners and sugars will add up. I’ll eventually crave coffee strictly for the sweetness. 


Do not get me wrong, if you love coffee, keep drinking it! However, if you want to become less coffee-dependent, then read these tips below! 

  1. Saving Money: limit how many times a week you buy it. Go out with a friend once a week as a coffee date to catch up! Or go to Starbucks twice a week to get some serious studying done. After that, cut yourself off. 

  2. Time management: schedule your day out the night before to see if you really do have time to run out and grab your favorite drink. This will help more than you think. 

  3. Ending the caffeine: drink plenty of water, get a decent amount of sleep and fuel your body with fruits and veggies!  

  4. Good bye sweet tooth: try a cup without the extra sugar. You may find you like it more! I promise the sugar-free flavors are just as good too.  


Ladies, if you want to put an end to your coffee drinking days, then just go for it! Anyone can do whatever they put their mind to. Maintaining a healthier lifestyle is easier than it seems. You can change your life at any given moment, so why not now? If you want a change then go for it. You will thank yourself later.  

Feel free to reach out and ask me any questions on this topic! I would love to hear them. I’m no expert but, I would love to hear your thoughts/ideas on coffee drinking.