Choosing the Right College

Seeing that Saint Vincent’s homecoming is right around the corner and spirit week is creeping up; I thought it would be perfect to stress the importance of loving your college!


So we all know the most important reason to picking your school should be based on academics and your major. But it’s important to realize that the one you choose will be your home away from home for the next 4+ years.


Here are some helpful tips while searching for your second home:


When visiting the campus, make sure to envision yourself there.

  • Could you see yourself walking to class?
  • Grabbing lunch with friends?
  • Up late studying in the lib?
  • Attending the football games on Saturdays?

Be sure to feel out the professors, students, and community.

  • Do they seem friendly and welcoming?
  • Do the professors seem helpful and caring?
  • Do you feel comfortable in the environment?

Continue to make your own personal check list of things you’re looking for in your future home.


Most important thing to do is to stay positive.

Your college experience is what you make it.

  • Always make the best of it, have a positive attitude, and count your blessing twice


For those reading and still searching for your perfect fit, SVC is an amazing home away from home. Come visit!