5 Fall Closet Must Haves

5 Fall Closest Must-Haves


Fall, it is a time of colder weather, some rainy days, and of course fashion. The months of September, October, and November have so much in-store for us! Every closet should have these five essentials to keep you warm, dry, and looking like a super stylish collegiate.


1. Rain Boots

Rain boots are one of the best trends for fall, but also for other seasons, too! There are a bunch of awesome colors and patterns to choose from that will be sure to make any rainy day a fun one.


 Light Jacket 



Having a jacket that you can throw on with all different kinds of outfits is definitely a necessity. It’s a good idea to get a jacket with a semi neutral color so you can wear it with all different outfits, and always dress it up or wear it casual.

3. Blanket Scarf 

A blanket scarf comes in handy when it’s a chilly Saturday for a football game, or even just hanging out with friends. It makes for the perfect statement piece in an outfit while keeping you warm and cozy! You can actually curl up just like you would in a blanket!

4. Flannel

The flannel trend these days has gone from “flannel friday” to “wear a flannel with every outfit.” Dress too short? Tie a flannel around it. A little chilly but not enough for a jacket? Wear a flannel. Casual party but too cold for just a crop top? Wear a flannel. They literally come in handy for all things fall so take advantage of it! 

5. Crewneck 

Having a crewneck sweatshirt is a must-have in any closet. It’s always comfy, you don’t have to dress up to wear it, jeans, shorts, sweats, gym clothes, anything really. Having a crewneck is like always having a best friend to give you hugs. If you don’t have one, head over to the college bookstore, you’re sure to find one there, plus you get points for school spirit! 


Fall is a time to watch the trees turn color, hang out with friends you didn’t get to see all summer, and of course have a PSL!


Enjoy your fall,