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Here is how a lot of Au Pair agencies work: You create a profile. Find a host family. Make contact. Agree on a contract. Get ready to go.

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Many online agencies will help you refine your search for host families, identifying what countries you wish to work in, number of children you feel comfortable with, whether the family you seek has hosted an au pair before, and many more options. This is great and all, but when you are chatting and interviewing with parents online and over skype, how do you really know that they are right for you?


1.) They act like a family

Sounds obvious, right? Ask your potential host parents what they do with their children. Do they try to eat meals together? Do they keep their children included in their activities? Do they spend evenings and weekends together and understand the value of “family time?”

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2.) They know that safety and security comes first

A good host family understands that it is their responsibility to keep the au pair they’re hosting safe and secure. This means that they set reasonable rules to help keep the student safe. Be mindful of their choices, and think about whether their rules will work for you.


3.) Include the au pair in family life

Chat about what activities you and the family can do together. For example, my host parents have been invited with their children to a wedding in the south of France, and I’m going with them!


4.) They communicate!

This is the most important quality. My host mother messages me at least twice a week, checking in on how I’ve been preparing my documents, and scheduling my flights. Her willingness to communicate has been a real stress-reliever!

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Marisa Maicke

St Vincent '20

Marisa Maicke is a junior student at Saint Vincent College located in Latrobe, Pennsylvania. She is an Early Childhood Education Major (Certification to teach Pre-k-4th grade) with a Minor in Special Disabilities (with Certification). As a future elementary school teacher, Marisa's dream is to promote a legacy of kindness, understanding, curiosity, and unconditional love in her classroom.