10 Things All Saint Vincent Students Are Thankful For

1. That surprise email that class is cancelled

Because really, what is better than getting an extra hour of sleep?!

2. Mac and cheese on Fridays in the caf

The best way to end the week.

3. When someone in the shack swipes your card as a meal, even though your order clearly doesn’t qualify

Buying milk and fruit cups with a meal is basically the only way I use up my plan.

4. Being the only person in the gym

You can watch any channel you want!

5. Getting to weekend brunch early enough that you can still get an omelet

Because we all know that if it’s 11:05, you’re getting toast.

6. Getting a washing machine on a Sunday afternoon…

7. …and when someone folds your laundry later when you forget all about it. 

Thanks, everyone who has done this for me!

8. That feeling of unity between students during scheduling week

We all know that stress, and we can all sympathize over those spinning dots.

9. Getting to live with your best friends for four years

100% my favorite part of college.

10. All the faulty, staff, and students who make up Saint Vincent

The community here has changed my life, and I’m so grateful for that!

Love you, SVC!