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The Story of Us

I have the best best friend in the enitre world. She’s kind, caring and most importantly genuine. She’s intentional about everything she does. This is Erika. Erika is my best friend from home, she’s strong in so many ways I can hardly imagine. Shes clever, incredibly kind and caring. She will do anything to make the people around her happy. She tends to put other people before herself, but still sticks up for herself. She is the most inspiring person I’ve ever met, as she constantly rolls with the punches of life and never lets anything get her down. Lastly she will drop everything for the people she loves, and expect nothing in return. She does things with the best intentions and she does things with love. I miss her deeply. I hope that she knows that I love her. I think everyone needs an Erika. In kindness and understanding she has made my life so much easier. 

passionate about equality, feminism, music and pop culture. a bit of a makeup girl and an avid user of all lowercase letters
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