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Everland - amusement park
Everland - amusement park
Original photo by Natalie Fernandez

StoLife: Obscure National Holidays in November

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at St Olaf chapter.

Thanks to social media, everyone is always posting a tribute to National Donut Day, Cat Day, Sibling Day, Appreciate your Significant Other Day, Wear Your Pajama Pants to School Day and whatever random holiday you can think of. If you’re looking to start a social media trend or a reason to celebrate each and every day (almost) of November, take a look at these obscure holidays below.  

November 12: Pizza with the Works Except Anchovies Day

This unnecessarily specific holiday allows you to celebrate pizza with ALL OF THE TOPPINGS! Though this is more expensive, this is my favorite type of pizza. My bias caused me to choose this day for the official must-know list. Eat pizza this Thursday or else. 

November 13: World Kindness Day

Drop a note, flower, or hug to your loved ones. Appreciate those around you, even if you don’t know them! 

November 14: Loosen Up, Lighten Up Day 

Take it slow, find a balance, and have a valid excuse (it’s on the calendar, so it’s obviously important) to actually take time for yourself. It’s easy to forget about self-care or to get really caught up and stressed about school. Lighten up. Make a joke. Eat a cookie.

November 16: Have a Party with Your Bear Day

I don’t really know how this will pertain to you, but maybe you should try it. 

November 22: Go for a Ride Day

GO ON AN ADVENTURE! Plus, this is a Sunday so you definitely have time to. Drive and look at the changing seasons, find a cool shop or nature trail to explore and discover new surroundings. How inspiring, November.  

November 24: Celebrate your Unique Talent Day

Basically, skip all your classes and obligations to juggle or burp the ABCs. 

November 26: Cake Day

If you don’t celebrate this, I don’t trust you. I’d suggest you steal a whole cake from the caf, but then there’s less for me. Don’t do that.  

Though I don’t know the origin of any of these holidays, I know they exist (at least on the Internet), and that they may make your daily college life a bit more interesting. Enjoy and Happy November!!! 

Photo Credits: Pizza Cat, HUG THE WORLD ,He’s loosened up , TEA PARTY, Drive, Playing recorder with ur nostril, me