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Original photo by Audrie Lau
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StoLife: Life Lessons as told by Baby Animals

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at St Olaf chapter.

Feeling down after fall break? Counting down the days until Thanksgiving and Christmas? Take some wise advice from these precious baby animals photos, allow them to make you smile and acknowledge that you can do it. 

If you’re feeling like you will never be able to finish this semester, look to this baby turtle. Clearly, you can persevere any obstacle thrown your way, no matter how hard it looks in the present moment. Taking things step by step will bring you closer to success.

If you feel like you never have any fun anymore, remind yourself that Halloween is right around the corner. Like this cat, you get to experience the joy of dressing up, getting together with friends and eating candy.  

These guinea pigs are proof that everything is easier with a dependable friend by your side. Don’t forget to check up on your friends, make homework breaks into spontaneous plans and reach out when you need a good listener or advice giver.  

Whenever you’re feeling stressed, look at this panda and realize that everybody needs to be carefree and crazy sometimes. Having fun is good for you.  

Much like this bunny, everybody needs to stop and smell the flowers. Embrace nature, take a walk in the fresh air and be grateful of your beautiful autumn surroundings. Take a moment to enjoy the little things and appreciate the positivities in your life.

Gloomy, rainy days can bring you down. This teacup pig proves that on these types of days, you have to find joy in the little things, like your pair of shiny red rain boots. 

This hedgehog is here to remind you that chocolate can almost always make everything better. Take note and stock up.  

Photos: Persevering Turtle Halloween Cat Guinea Pig Friends Carefree pandaBunny smelling the flowersTea Cup Pig in the RainChocolate Hedgehog