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StoLife: How to Start Spring Early

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at St Olaf chapter.

The calendar says March, but Mother Nature clearly hasn’t checked the date in awhile.  We are still freezing cold, and we are still complaining daily about the freezing cold.  Although we are in Minnesota and we’re supposed to stick it out, I think we all want spring to come.  Here a few ways to incorporate spring joys into your life even if we aren’t in melting season quite yet.


It may seem silly, but the color you wear affects your mood.  See this articleby Mind Body Green for some pretty cool proof.  Once I read this article, I realized how much gray and black I wear during the winter and how it reflects the “blah” mood that I feel.  Just think about what you associate with certain colors.  When you think yellow, do you think of sun? Happiness? Spring? Blue is usually associated with the sky, green with nature, purple with warmth and confidence, and the list goes on.  Try to ditch the dreary and add a variety of color to your daily wardrobe.  It may trick you into positivity.  

Do some spring cleaning.  

Winter usually means layers and layers of clothes and clutter.  Try to spring clean your dorm room, your Facebook friend list, your diet, your closet, your note-taking style, anything that will declutter your mind or your daily living space.  

Make a spring wish list.

Every time you say “I wish I could do this, but I can’t because it’s SO COLD OUT,” write down your wish.  When spring comes, you’ll have a long list of bike rides, laying in the grass, wearing shorts, walking slowly to class, watching the squirrels, keeping your windows open, puddle jumping and iced coffee that doesn’t freeze your hand off on the walk to class.  Instead of feeling like you’re missing out on all of the positive things that come with spring and good weather, plan and look forward to it like it’s your wedding day.

Eat unnecessary amounts of candy and wear bunny ears if none of the above seem feasible or appealing.  

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