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StoLife: Fall Break Activities

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at St Olaf chapter.

No elaborate plans for Fall Break? Try and enjoy the long weekend with a few of these campus-relevant ideas! 

  1. Celebrate, appreciate or acknowledge mental health awareness week.  

Today, we live in a place that is starting to acknowledge mental illness publicly. On campus this week, there were various wellness-swiped events and a candlelit vigil for anyone affected by mental illness. Whether or not you realize it, mental illness is all around you, as are wonderful resources and ways to take care of yourself and others.  Practice self-care and gratitude over Fall Break during this important week! 

2.  Practice mindful eating, meditation, or other practices that the artist in residence introduced to campus.  

Marcus Young, a young behavioral artist, stayed on campus for the past week and hosted a number of events. These events had a common theme of slowing down, acknowledging your feelings and energies, and using them towards something good. Some of his activities included dancing foolishly, eating mindfully, living artfully, existing quietly, or speaking plainly. Try mindful eating or meditation during your break to rejuvenate! 

3.  Try out the Carleton cafeteria!

Still on campus over break? Go to the Carleton cafeteria to enjoy their ice cream and other tasty food since St. Olaf facilities will be open less frequently. Explore the other side of Northfield, and make sure to check out Goodbye Blue Monday’s on your way there. The campus coupon book has some good deals for the downtown shops! 

4.  Plan out your Halloween costume.

This weekend is the perfect time to grab your favorite costume accessories from home, browse Pinterest for original costume creations, or order that awesome Parks and Rec t-shirt from Amazon to complete your Leslie Knope costume.  

5.  Appreciate autumn.

Celebrate the season by going to the apple orchard nearby, carving a pumpkin or two or collecting and pressing leaves in a cool art project.  


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