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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at St Olaf chapter.

Extroversion and Introversion are often portrayed as polar opposites, positive and negative. Extroverts are praised for speaking up in class, having a lot of friends and radiating happiness. They are thought of as leaders, the life of the party and the ideal student. These traits may hold true for some extroverts, but the definitions of extroversion and introversion go a lot further than being bubbly or quiet.  

Extroverts/introverts are actually categorized by where one focuses her attention and receives her energy the outer world or the inner world. What does this mean for you? Maybe you’re an extrovert and you’re sick of being categorized as loud, attention-seeking or fake. If you’re an introvert, you may be sick of being called boring, shy or inconsiderate.  

Since I don’t think introverts receive enough credit (and I am an introvert myself), here are a few empowering messages for all you introverts out there. The points I’m mentioning are from a flawless TED talk by Susan Cain, “The Power of Introverts.” Feel free to watch and/or read

TED Talk: The Power of Introverts

 Solitude is often required for creativity.

 You may like to spend time alone, you may consider yourself reflective rather than active, and you may focus on inward feeling. None of these things are bad. Even better, they are keys to success in the creative world. Art, music, invention and any new idea can further flourish after some thoughtful, analytic introspection.  

You think before you act.

  This will help you in social situations, when you’re making big decisions or when you’re the leader of a group. Though extroverts are believed to be the best type of leader, many leadership positions would benefit from a reflective thinker. Additionally, introverts are likely to listen to others’ opinions when they are in charge of executing group decisions. 

You get to do cool stuff, for lack of better terms. 

If you prefer alone time, you don’t have to gather up a big group and make complex plans to enjoy yourself. You can enjoy a spontaneous walk outdoors, take a trip into town in between classes or read a book in solitude and consider your day successful.   

P.S. Extroverts, you guys rock too.  Proud of you.

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