StO-Style: Warm and Fashionable

Hi fashionistas! 

We Oles know all too well how bitterly cold it gets on the Hill in the winter. Whether we like it or not, the snowy skies and chilly winds are coming. 

Being the fashionable Oles you are, I know you are looking for ways to stay warm and stylish this fall and winter. So, here’s some inspiration for staying cozy and fashionable this season. 


Hats, Headbands & Mittens

When I think of staying warm in the fall/winter, the first things that come to mind are hats, headbands, and mittens. Though it may not seem like it at first, hats, headbands, and mittens can be very stylish additions to a cold-weather look. Hats add a cozy vibe and create a cohesive wintery look. But if you’d rather not mess around with a hat (hat-hair anyone?), try out a headband. Chunky headbands in neutral tones are a perfect way to stay warm. If you are the ambitious and creative type, you can knit your own headband - check online for free patterns! Mitten-wise, your options are endless. Simply find a pair with an interesting pattern, warm fabric, or cute buttons.



My favorite way to stay warm in the chilly weather is to wear a scarf. A scarf is one of the easiest pieces of clothing to throw on before you walk out the door. Scarves are warm, stylish, and allow you to stay cozy when walking to class. I love using an oversized, chunky scarf to finish off a look. Keep it on all day, layered with a warm sweater, or simply wear it over your coat while going across campus. My most practical scarf is black, but I also love playing around with patterns and neutral colors. Keep in mind what is best for your wardrobe! Once again, if you are the crafty-type, try knitting your own big scarf! 


If scarves are my favorite way to stay warm in the cold, layering my clothes comes in at close second. Not only is layering a nice way to stay cozy, but it also adds a stylish dimension to your outfit. Sweaters are my favorite pieces to wear in the fall and winter, and there are so many options for how to wear them. Layer a chunky sweater over a chambray or a collared shirt. Try a tee with cardigan and a jean jacket. Another fashionable way to stay warm is with a down vest. They are the perfect combo of being stylish and cozy. Try layering one over a simple tee or a flannel shirt. This look is perfect for the fall and the transition to winter. 

Pea Coats & Parkas

A person cannot live in Minnesota without owning at least one jacket. Pea coats and parkas are essential for winter - and if you’ve never experienced a Minnesota winter, believe me, you’ll want to invest in a warm coat! Pea coats are a stylish, classic, and warm option. Pair a gray pea coat with mittens, scarf, and headband, and you’ll be set. Another good option is a parka. Parkas are a longer length, so they are perfect for protecting you from wind and cold. Down parkas are simply perfect for the cold, but you can also try a parka with a fuzzy/fur lining. No matter what you choose, some sort of outer protection is a necessity for staying warm and fashionable. 

Boots & Socks

Finally, wearing boots and cozy socks is the perfect way to stay warm in the chilly weather. Having your socks peek out from the top of your boots is an adorable look. Any type of boot should work for this look - ankle boots, high boots or anywhere in between. When it comes to finding cute boot socks, there are so many options out there. Find the pair that best fits your style. Even if your socks are not long enough to peek out from your boots, it is never a bad option to wear warm socks! Try out some SmartWool or Wigwams; your feet will thank you this winter!

Now it’s time to bundle up! I hope you have found some inspiration for how to stay cozy and stylish this fall and winter! 

Stay fashionable (and warm!), Oles! 

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