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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at St Olaf chapter.

Name: Ryan ‘Babymac’ McElrath

Graduation Year: 2017

Major/Concentration: Psychology

Favorite place to study: Library 3rd floor in that room next to the printer.

Favorite food: A good brie with Ritz crackers.

Favorite movie: Interstellar. It will blow your mind.

Favorite Holiday Tradition: Definitely singing Christmas songs with Frank Sinatra

Favorite Winter Activity: Downhill skiing, preferably in Alta, Utah or Snowmass, Colorado.

Hobbies: Ceramics #1, baseball, skiing, ultimate frisbee, playing/watching football, watching documentaries, reading Yahoo! news, biking, hanging out with friends, Playing pool abd solo-driving.

Campus Activities: Various intramurals (basketball/broomball/soccer/futsol), Ultimate Frisbee, psych club

After St. Olaf I would like to: Grow up and become exactly like my father, minus working in real estate. My Dad is without a doubt the coolest guy I know and is easily my number one role model. He’s a conservative man that doesn’t take anything for granted, but with what he has, he cherishes. Doug makes sure that family always comes before work, but isn’t afraid to sacrifice long nights in order to stand out of the crowd. I have a very special bond with my Father that is unlike any other, and for all traits listed above, and the thousands of others that I did not mention, He is the man that I want to become after I graduate from St. Olaf.

Proudest Moment/Greatest Achievement: Honestly getting into St. Olaf. Coming from my High School, I wasn’t the best student academically speaking. I wasn’t terrible persay, but I would be busting my ass over a B while my friends would effortlessly be getting A’s. Knowing that I was inferior to my friends took a toll on my self esteem and how intelligent I saw myself. Getting the acceptance letter into St. Olaf made me feel proud of myself, and who I’ve become. It made me feel smart again.

What do you want the ladies of St. Olaf to know: If you ever want an awesome, personalized coffee mug, I gladly accept chicken tender melts as a form of payment.