Princess Lessons: From the Royal Wedding

In the wake of the Royal Wedding, many have turned up their noses at the dedicated followers of Will and Kate’s love story, claiming that a marriage between two people (albeit, one who is in line for the British throne) should not take up space in national headlines. Dan Rather, on his recent visit to St. Olaf College, spent a valuable amount of time relaying to our Ole peers that important news is not frivolous, citing the Royal Wedding as just one example of fabricated hoo-hah created by the media in an effort to cater to our lack of desire for real, hard news. And while this point is valid and rooted in fact (the Yahoo searches for Kate’s dress far outweigh the search for information regarding the devastating tornados in the American South), there ARE some royally fabulous lessons we can learn from the whole ordeal. 

#1. Never Burn Your Bridges

It was big news when Britain revoked the Syrian ambassador’s invitation on the eve of the wedding. Recently, Syria has been condemned by the media and foreign officials for its attacks on pro-democracy protesters. Syria learned the hard way what many other learned throughout the days leading up to the wedding: what you say and what you do WILL come back around someday. Think it’s okay to be rude to that nerd in your calculus class? Someday you may be working for him. It’s an old cliché, but it’s been proven time and again to be true. 

#2. Never Kiss and Tell

Kate kept it classy back in 2007, after her initial break up with Will. Instead of banking in on the fact that she had dated a royal (writing a book, giving interviews, etc), Kate kept her mouth shut. Many believe that this proved to Will that she could be trusted as both a wife and as a Windsor, who are BIG on secrecy. The point being made? There’s no need to plaster your relationships and accomplishments in a vainglorious fashion where the world can see them. Good things come to those who wait.

#3. You Can’t Deny Where You Come From

The simple truth is that we here in America are quite possibly more obsessed with the marriage of two political figureheads of another country than the actual inhabitants of that country are. Why this obsession with Great Britain? After all, wasn’t the point in creating America to get away from the monarchy? And yet, here we are, a nation glued to the television, watching the continuation of a form of government that we strongly disagree with. 

Actually, Americans have had a strong inkling for the British and their customs since the American Revolution. In fact, many members of the original Continental Congress wanted to preserve the monarchy ideals that they had grown up with, and hoped to appoint George Washington as a “President for Life.” There is no reason to hide who you are and where you come from, because, quite honestly, that is the reason for your existence. So the next time you want to hide in the corner when your father comes to your game looking like he got dressed in the dark, embrace it! If America can come full circle and love Britain, you can love your ‘rents.

#4. Class Is Timeless

If we learned one thing from Kate on her wedding day, it is that the best way to make the record books is to embrace simplicity. The most beautiful and elegant attendees of the wedding were the ones in simple hats and simple dresses, who let their beauty shine through. By showing up in a subdued gown that fit with ease, Kate proved that true beauty, CLASSIC beauty is never overdone. One needs only to look back at other “classy” affairs to see that this proves true. In fact, many are comparing Kate’s wedding day style to that of Princess Grace’s. Even Sarah Burton, creative director of Alexander McQueen (a designer idolized for his eccentric and zany creations) understood the qualities of timeless elegance required for such an auspicious occasion. You can do the same. When in doubt, ladies, think classy (not sassy, not brassy and DEFINITELY not trashy).

#5 Prince Harry Is Still Single

Well… this lesson may be a little far fetched. After all, no one is quite sure about his rumored on-again, off-again relationship with Chelsy Davy. But still, what we can truly understand is that the potential for love, happiness, and a wonderful future is still out there for all of us (whether or not it’s with a royal prince). The reason, I believe, that so many tuned into the Royal Wedding is because it provided beautiful closure to a real-life love story. Everyone likes to believe that miracles happen, and everyone loves to dream. The true beauty of the Royal Wedding is that it inspires hope. 

Besides, aren't we all princesses worthy of a happily ever after?

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