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People of St.Olaf: Molly Nakahara ’20

                                                                                           Photo courtesy of Molly Nakahara(pictured above)

Year: 2020

Major: Nursing

What is your favorite dessert?: Portillos Chocolate Cake

Would you rather go hiking in the Himalayas or relax on a beach in Hawaii?: Definitely, relaxing on a beach in Hawaii.

Which form of precipitation do you prefer: rain, snow, or hail?: Snow

Are you involved in any clubs at St. Olaf?: Yes, Calligraphy Club, The trio program, and APO

What is your favorite style of pizza?: Giordano’s Canadian Bacon and Mushroom Deep Dish

What is your favorite past-time activity?: Playing Volleyball

Favorite time of the day: All parts of the day minus the morning

Favorite class taken at St. Olaf so far: Anatomy and Physiology

Favorite quote: “Let all you do be done in love” – 1st Corinthians 16:14

Your biggest pet-peeve?: When people are inconsiderate

What is the strangest food combination you have had and would recommend?: French fries and a chocolate shake

Favorite activity to do with friends: Getting dinner or watching a movie

How has the Hill helped you further a passion in your life?: The hill has provided me with opportunities to pursue my passions like sports, art, and helping others by allowing me to be on teams and join clubs.

Is there anything at St. Olaf that you look forward to pursuing more?: I am really looking forward to pursuing a degree in Nursing.

How has St. Olaf helped you develop your future plans?: The liberal arts education has really allowed me to branch out to learn more not only about my world but also about myself and what I like and do not like. Also, St. Olaf is providing me with the resources I need in order to succeed like the Piper center, a caring faculty, and a nurturing community.

What is your favorite kind of chocolate(dark, milk, white, any others)?: Milk

Sweet or sour candy?: Sweet candy

What is a food creation that you would recommend?: I would recommend putting peanut butter and honey over a brownie then microwaving it. So Good!

                                                                  Photo courtesy of Molly Nakahara(pictured above, top left corner of photo)

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