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People of St. Olaf: Karissa Caddy ’20

                                                                                                          Photo courtesy of Karissa Caddy(pictured above)

Year: 2020

Major: Psychology

Favorite class: Educational psychology

Favorite study spot: The Cage

Favorite caf food: Anything but the Ferndale turkey

Favorite St. Olaf memory: Last year during the spring, me and my friends found a spot on Hoyme hill, relaxing and soaking up the sun before finals (I definitely got burned though)

Favorite artist: Sara Bareilles

Ice cream or sorbet?

Ice cream (bring back the espresso chip ice cream!!)

Is there anything at St. Olaf that you look forward to pursuing more?

I look forward to taking more psychology classes and finding out what career paths I could choose!

How has St. Olaf helped you develop your future plans?

I’ve recently discovered that the Piper center is super useful and can help you with anything. They’ve been helping me figure out what the next steps I should be taking after college. Talking to professors has also been helpful in hearing their experiences and how they used their psychology majors.

How has the Hill helped you further a passion in your life?

The Hill has shown me people who are just as passionate about psychology making me want to learn more and be more engaged with the community.



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