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People of St. Olaf: Emily Bukowski ’20

                                                                                            Photo courtesy of Emily Bukowski(pictured above)

Year: 2020

Major: Nursing

What is your favorite dessert?: Brownies

Would you rather live in a big city or a small town?: Big city   

Which form of precipitation do you prefer: rain, snow, or hail?: Snow

Are you involved in any clubs at St. Olaf?: SNA and TRIO

What is your favorite movie?: The Harry Potter movies

What is your favorite past-time activity?: Sports: watching and playing

Favorite time of the day: Night, because that means I get to Sleep!!

Favorite class taken at St. Olaf so far: Bio 243 with Dr. Crisp

Favorite quote: “Every day is a second chance”

Your biggest pet-peeve?: Slow walkers

What is the strangest food combination you have had and would recommend?: Mixing ranch, ketchup, and sriracha together on burgers or fries.  

Favorite activity to do with friends: Watch movies and go out to eat.

How has the Hill helped you further a passion in your life?: With all the opportunities that the Hill has to offer, I’ve further developed my passion for helping children by volunteering at schools, and being a mentor for kids interested in going to college.  

Is there anything at St. Olaf that you look forward to pursuing more?: I look forward to continuing my classes for nursing and getting the chance to do clinicals and helping people.

How has St. Olaf helped you develop your future plans?: My advisors have given me the guidance that I need, to put together a plan that will someday get me to my dream job. The professors of my classes have sparked new interests that will shape what I want to pursue in the field of nursing.

What was your favorite childhood snack?: These little debbie strawberry cream filled rolls.

What is your go-to procrastination activity?: Being on my phone

What is your favorite warm winter drink(hot chocolate, tea, coffee, etc.)?: Hot chocolate with a hint of peppermint.

What is your ideal meal to have for breakfast?: Eggs Benedict with Bacon and fried bread with jam. Fresh raspberries and strawberries, with orange juice mixed with cranberry juice.

What are you looking forward to the most about Spring?: Playing softball with my team and going to Florida for our spring break softball trip!

With Spring on the way, what will you miss about winter?: Nothing, because Spring means softball, and that warmer weather is near.

                                                                                       Photo courtesy of Emily Bukowski(pictured above)


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