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Meet Grace Kane ’15

Name: Grace Kane

Graduation Date: May 2015

Major/Concentration(s): Political Science and Religion, Management Studies concentration
Hobbies: Reading, knitting, running, horseback riding, being outdoors…I don’t know! Also… Coming up with weird, convoluted theological problems that aren’t addressed by the Catechism (it’s a Catholic women thing…) We’re in college – do we really have hobbies right now?
Campus Activities: I’m a leader of SPO (St. Paul’s Outreach), a Catholic organization on-campus; a CSA and SPO representative on CAN; I live in and volunteer at St. Dominic’s through the Catholic Women’s house; and am on the Debate team. 
Favorite Color: If we’re just going with what makes me happy to see, then yellow, but my favorite color to wear is navy.
Favorite Book: East of Eden! John Steinbeck is a genius – gotta have love for those great American novelists.
Favorite Band: the Oh Hellos, First Aid Kit or Bear’s Den- depends on the day
Favorite Netflix show: “Sherlock”
What do you want to the ladies of St. Olaf to know?
I think it’s really easy, while we’re in the St. Olaf bubble, to compare ourselves to the lovely, tall-ish, Norwegian-ish ladies that live around us. I admire so many people on this campus, because we do go to school with some amazing women!! But don’t let that discourage you or make you doubt how wonderful you are. Even when you might feel inadequate, remember that your friends and Oles around you are astounded by your beauty. :) Keep being your ambitious selves, take inspiration from those around you, but remember that you inspire them too. 
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