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Meet Emily Cardinal, Class of 2019!

Meet Emily Cardinal, Class of 2019!
Where are you living this year? Mohn Hall with my lovely roommate, Christine Menge.
How are you involved on campus? Theater. Lots and lots of theater. I am involved in DeepEnd Productions and Alpha Psi Omega. Right now, I am Assistant Stage Managing Cabaret with the St. Olaf Theater Department. I am also involved in What’s the Difference, Marcus Newton and Shannon Brick’s senior theater Capstone project. The show will tour to local elementary schools in hopes of sparking conversations about diversity and tolerance among 4th grade students. I will also be doing Fresh Faces, DeepEnd’s all first year cabaret, this spring. Lastly, I try to be involved in the music scene on campus by going to as many concerts and performances as my schedule allows — the amount of musical talent here is AMAZING. I also do some solo performing; I will be playing music in The Lair on March 5th at 7:30! **cough cough** self-promotion**cough cough**
What is the best thing you’ve learned during your time at Olaf? How to sneak a dozen vegan pumpkin bars out of the caf without getting caught. With great risk comes great reward! (Sorry, Randy) 
What is your major? I am a Theater major. Maybe one day I will tack on a double major or a concentration, but for now, I am enjoying the crazy thespian life. 
If you could name one person at Olaf to be a future TV star, who would it be and why? Cosi Pori. He doesn’t know that I exist, but I am his biggest fan, hands down. He is living his very best life, and if he had a television show, I would watch it religiously.
Any advice to your fellow classmates? Call your mother/father/sibling/best friend/etc. Even though you’re busy and stressed, do not forget your roots and the people that got you to where you are today. Also, hold doors for people. It’s a tiny act of kindness that goes a long way.
What has been your favorite part of Freshman year and why? Interim,  I was the Assistant Stage Manager for Elephant’s Graveyard and got to spend all day every day doing what I love alongside incredibly talented and passionate people. Dona Werner Freeman is a lovely human being and an excellent director, and I learned so much about the theatrical process; it was a humbling experience and a breath of fresh air.
Favorite Class at St. Olaf and why? Introduction to Design for Performance with Brian Bjorklund. That man is an absolute gem, and I thoroughly enjoyed fiddling around with lights, sound, sets, and costumes for a semester.
Where is your favorite place on campus? I have a few! I like to hang out in West Lantern in Tomson and 4th Floor Regents to study between classes. My super secret campus hangout spot is under the stairs in Buntrock by KSTO. It’s a great place to hide away and chill for a little while.

Photos used with permission from Emily Cardinal

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