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Meet C.J. ’15!

Name: Carter John Urnes

Year of Graduation: Soon. Very soon (2015).

Major/Concentration: Biology

Relationship Status: Dating Grace


Favorite Place to Study: Regents

Favorite Sport: Snorklin’

What is your favorite class you’ve taken at St. Olaf and why?: Human Anatomy and Physiology with Dave VanWylen. The more you learn about the body the stranger it gets. I took a class called Biogeochemistry once that was about how natural systems are controlled by the types of nutrients around, that was really cool. And Modern China with Bob Entemann, that was consistently sick. Top three: so many good classes.

Favorite Food: Usually cheesy eggs. In the summer I make big scrambles with wild mushrooms and lots of veggies and sweet potato, just so I can keep up the cheesy egg lifestyle.

Favorite Movie: There Will Be Blood was sweet. I’m an oilman! tied with Touching the Void tied with the Life Aquatic

Favorite Pick-Up Line: “I don’t have anything to do, want to go birding?”


Favorite TV Show: The Simpsons

Describe yourself in one word: Curious

Call or text?: Call, or texts made of just emojis

What is your ideal date?: Going to a bullfight on acid. JK, probably walking around in the natural lands and waiting for the sun to go down.

Finish this sentence: A girl looks her best when… I have no business telling women how or why they look good, right?

Anything else you want the ladies of St. Olaf to know?: They rock. They rock hard.

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