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Meet Bailey Williams!

Meet Bailey Williams, Class of 2016!
1. Where are you living this year? Ytterboe!
2. How are you involved on campus? I’m a member of INBLACK, the sketch group on campus, which is my favorite thing in the entire world. I’m also a Peer Advisor at the Piper Center and an Alto II (woop woop!) in the Chapel Choir.
3. Do you have a favorite memory from Olaf? It’s tough to choose the single best memory from my time on campus, but one of my favorites was dancing in Diwali this year. We had so much fun doing it, and it was a night full of celebration and light, laughter and exchange! I loved being able to participate in such a great experience!
4. What is the best thing you’ve learned during your time at Olaf? Since I came to St. Olaf, I have tried to let the people, circumstances (both wanted and unwanted) and encounters with hardship change me. I had this horrible fear that five years later I’d look back and realize I was still the person I was when I graduated high school – that I hadn’t changed at all! I believe that letting the tough stuff run its course will make me a stronger, more experienced, well-rounded person in the end… At least that’s what I hope!
5. What is your favorite winter activity at St. Olaf? STAYING INSIDE IF IT IS COLDER THAN 15 DEGREES. Just kidding, I DO hate the cold, but I also love drawing pictures in the snow on the football field with my footprints. :)
6. Favorite Prof? Too many to choose! Tom Williamson, Ibtesam Al Atiyat, Jeanne Willcoxon, Irve Dell… love em all.
7. Celeb crush? AMY POEHLER
8. If you could name one person at Olaf to be a future TV star, who would it be and why? If I don’t see Hamsitha Dontamsetty on a wildly popular sitcom within the next 6 years I am going to be very disappointed in liberal arts education, society as a whole and myself.
9. Any advice to the younger students? Revel in the fact that we know absolutely nothing.
10. Have you studied abroad, If so where? I went on the Mediterranean Semester in the fall of 2014 (to Turkey, Morocco, Israel/Palestine, and Jordan) and had an internship at the Palestinian Academic Society for the Study of International Affairs in Jerusalem over Interim 2016.
11. Favorite Class at St. Olaf and why? I took Bronze Metal Casting last semester and LOVED it. It was my first foray into 3D art (it was sort of my first foray into art at all?) and I was so enamored with the process of creating metal sculpture. A close second was the Human Biology for Nonmajors course I took in my sophomore year – the human body is CRAZY and it can do so many things; Human Bio was one of my favorite courses on campus!
12. Where is your favorite place on campus? I love the Caf. First and foremost, because that’s where the food is. But it is also where I also spend such a significant amount of time having meaningful and/or silly conversations with the people that are very important to me.
13. What are your majors? Sociology/Anthropology, Middle Eastern Studies
Photos provided by Bailey Williams!


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