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Kate Anderson ’13

Name: Kate Anderson
Year: 2013
Relationship Status:  Single and Ready to Mingle
Birthday: December 17th, 1990
Major: Biology
Concentrations: Women Studies and Biomedical Studies
What do you love about Ole men?
They are smart and funny.  I think it’s great that most guys I meet seem to have a cause or hobby in life that they are really interested in and passionate about.  That’s awesome.”
“Baking, hanging out with my friends and watching action movies with my roommates!!”
Activities you are involved in?
“I am a kitchen manager at the Pause, and I volunteer at the Uplift program in Faribault which is a mentoring and tutoring program with middle school students.”
Call or text?
“Text for short planning purposes. Call for actual conversations.”
What is your favorite place to study?
“I’m a big fan of Regents, second floor, near all the windows in the cafe.”
Favorite food?
“Pizza – Mac and Cheese.”
Any secret or hidden talents?
“Spice Girls karaoke and playing cribbage.”
Finish this sentence: A guy looks his best when…
“He’s not trying too hard.  Just be yourself.”
Describe yourself in one word.
What are you most excited about right now in your life?
I am running for Pause Co-Coordinator with Tim Lillehaugen.  Don’t forget to vote on Thursday!”
Pet peeves?
“Always being late.  I appreciate it when people are on time.”
What is your spirit animal?
“A sloth.  Or possibly a giraffe.  Maybe the honey badger.  I have a lot of spirit animals depending on my mood.”
What is your ideal date?
“That’s a tough one.  I’d have to say April 25th.  Because it’s not too cold, not too warm.  All you need is a light jacket!”
What she wants Ole men to know:
“I’m pretty easy going and I like to have a fun, relaxing time out. So, don’t be afraid to come say ‘Hi!’  I love meeting new people!”
Best pick up line?
“Is your name Campbell’s? Cause you are mmm mmm good!”
Which Sex and the City character do you think you are most like?
“Probably a mix of Carrie and Miranda.”

I write the Campus Cutie blog for St. Olaf Her Campus!
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