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Kailee’s Tunes: Eat, Pray, Live Music

 Hey there music lovers! If you’re like me, then you not only like listening to lots of music but you perhaps enjoy supporting your favorite musicians by seeing them in concert. This week there are a few concerts to check out in the Minnesota/metro area.

 For the country lovers out there, Josh Turner (pictured right) is performing at Treasure Island Resort and Casino on Saturday. On Wednesday and Thursday night, The Head and The Heart, Blitzen Trapper, and Bryan John Appleby, which are all excellent indie folk musicians, have a show at First Avenue. If you want to go the inexpensive route, check out Caroline Smith and The Good Night Sleeps at The Chapel right in Northfield this Thursday. It’s not only super close but tickets are also just ten dollars (as a fellow broke college student I would advise one to choose this option).Other concerts this week include Carrie Underwood and Hunter Hayes at the Target Center on Thursday, Eric Church at the Verizon Wireless Center on Thursday, and Ed Sheeran on Wednesday at the State Theatre.

Live performances are a great way to hear the true talent of your favorite musicians without all of that “oh so popular” auto-tuning and experience the music by not just hearing but seeing it and witnessing the musician’s stage presence. It’s also remarkable because of the possibility of meeting and getting autographs from the band/musicians and having a wonderful night out with friends and family. If you have never been to a concert you should seriously reconsider.

Music speaks to people in so many different ways and when heard live each audience member has a different interpretation of the same exact song, which makes the experience fascinating. It is a way of connecting people, from loved ones to complete strangers, due to the fact that each person has a love for that particular musician in common. Whether your favorite music genre is pop, jazz, country, indie, metal, rap, alternative rock, or any other number of genres, you should see a live show because they really benefit your musical understanding.

Your favorite band may be playing nearby this week, but most likely they aren’t. Even if they aren’t your dream band, or if you haven’t even heard their music, you could still have a spectacular time. So I highly advise you to go to a concert this week and enjoy some quality live music. If the commute is an issue, come to The Chapel in Northfield to enjoy the talents of Caroline Smith and her band at 8 p.m. on Thursday. I will be there, as will many other Oles, so even if you haven’t heard of the band, just come out anyways for a fun night and some good new music. My last advice: Eat, pray, live music.
*Photo from: http://www.cmt.com/pictures/josh-turner/photo-gallery/1238105/3979260/ar…

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