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It’s Women’s History Month!

Is it really March already? With adjusting to new classes and the semester, it feels like February just flew by, but we have all made it one month closer to summer! March marks an important month of history: It is Women’s History Month, which is a month that highlights the contributions to society that women are responsible for.


Women’s History Month was established through the International Women’s Day, which has fallen on March 8th anually since 1911. In 1980, President Carter turned it into National Women’s History Week, it and has been a month of awareness since 1995. 

The role of women in society has greatly progressed, and that is something we can all be apreciative of! Women can attend college so easily now, when not too long ago they couldn’t even vote. This month is a great time to be extra aware and thankful for the accomplishments that women have made as well as for the women in our lives that have helped shape us! Lets help insipire future women St. Olaf Ladies!



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