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Ian Hamilton ’14


Name: Ian Hamilton

Year: 2014

Relationship Status: Single (and Fabulous)

Major(s): Theater and Political Science


Favorite Place to Study: I prefer confining myself to the bowels of Rolvaag or else everyone distracts me.

Favorite Food: I spent fall semester in Italy so I am a carb fanatic. Punch pizza with a glass of red wine is my ideal dinner with Nutella gelato for dessert.

Favorite movie(s): I am obsessed with Gone with the Wind, but The Godfather is the perfect film.

Hobbies: I usually realign my chakra through figure drawing, reading Shakespeare, frolicking in the Natural Lands, jamming with Beyoncé, and body painting.

Describe yourself in one word: Affable

Call or text? I hardly respond to text since I absentmindedly forget them. A phone call gets my attention.

What is your ideal date? I would opt for a walk around Lake Calhoun on a cool summer evening.

Finish this sentence: A boy looks his best when… he has effortless poise in a crowd. Also, a suit and tie sends me over the edge.

What you want Ole women to know: Stay fierce, ladies. 

I write the Campus Cutie blog for St. Olaf Her Campus!
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