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Humans of St. Olaf: Lexi Clow

Year: Well the current year is 2017, but I’ll be graduating with the class of 2019!

Major: Chemistry!

Favorite study spot:

My favorite study spot switches between the 3rd floor reference room and 5th floor in the library. I guess which spot all depends on if I’m in the mood to walk up the stairs :)

Favorite caf creation:

A “Dirty Christmas” ( ¾ Coffee with ¼ Spiced Chai Tea Latte from the machine).

Favorite cage order in the morning:

A Matcha Latte with a Cappuccino muffin.

Favorite dorm decoration

I have two favorite dorm room decorations. I love all the posters and pictures I have hanging on my wall above my bed and my other favorite is a collection of cute little notes/cards/photos that I have received throughout this school year so far. My roommate and I both keep our favorites and post them on our closet doors.

Favorite St. Olaf memory:

My favorite St. Olaf memory didn’t occur on campus but with some people that I’ve meet since I’ve been here. I’m currently living in a sextet and I met all of my roommates last year in Kitt. One of my friends lives in a suburb outside of Chicago, and the rest of us either live in Minnesota or in Wisconsin, and this past summer the five of us were able to take a road trip to Chicago. It was an incredible trip and we hope to plan a similar trip this coming July.

Coffee or tea?


Favorite music (artist, song, or album):

My favorite artist by far is Taylor Swift! She is an amazing songwriter and knows how to put on a great show!  

Favorite article of clothing:

My favorite article of clothing is a light green long sleeved Baylor University T shirt that my best friend, who goes there, gave me.

If you were given a $20 Target gift card, what would you buy?

I would purchase flashcards, bananas and some quirky seasonal decoration, to hang outside my dorm room, from the dollar section!  


Have you ever studied abroad? Where would you like to go?

Yes! I had the privilege to study Art History in Italy this past January! I had a blast learning about art while traveling around the country eating lots of pasta and getting to know some more amazing St. Olaf students!

What do you hope to do after college?

I hope to do something in the field of forensics.

All pictures were uploaded with permission from Lexi. 

Bridget Olson

St Olaf '18

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