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How to Choose a Summer Job that’s Right for You

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at St Olaf chapter.

The summer job search is a tough one, especially when you aren’t home to apply and interview. Here are some helpful tips on what job might be right for you. If you want to work outside, you don’t want to live at home or you just can’t handle waking up at 6 a.m. for a job, there’s probably something out there for you. Check out this list for some typical summer job options.  

1.  Nanny/Babysitter

If you want a casual, flexible job that gives you some control, nannying may be the best fit for you. You can decide which day is craft day, beach day or legos day, and all of those sound more fun than folding clothes or stocking shelves (to me, at least)! With this job, you’ll likely get some sun and fresh air, and you get to be around happy, carefree kids! Talk about refreshing. For some, waking up early every day and spending time with kids isn’t number one on your list, but if you want to work during the day and enjoy those summer nights, consider putting an ad out for babysitting in your hometown! 

2.  Internship

If you’re looking to gain more experience and knowledge in your field, try an internship that relates to your major or future career interests. For some, internships can feel like school in the summer, but for others, summer vacation is the perfect time to rack up hours of experience in their future field. If there isn’t anything in your hometown, explore internships in Northfield or beyond. Maybe an internship across the country is just what you’re looking for. The Piper Center and other resources around campus are helpful for seeking internships that fit your wants and needs! 

3.  Retail

Maybe you don’t have many other options, or maybe you love folding clothes.  Regardless, working in retail has its saving grace: THE DISCOUNTS. Apply to your three favorite stores and keep your eyes on the 40% off prize. If you’re worried about hour flexibility, start as a part time worker and take early morning shifts. Working in retail can be a great experience if you make it one! 

4.  Waitress

If you’re a people person and don’t mind working in a food service, try waitressing or hosting at a restaurant. With this comes social interaction, people-pleasing and the hopeful benefit of tip money. Not to mention, you’d probably get free food and/or discounted meals. Who can refuse free food? If you can’t handle getting up early to work, waitressing might be your best bet.  

Good luck on the job hunt, Oles! Summer will be here before we know it! 

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