Her Campus Survival Kits

Let's start fall off right, with our new Her Campus survival kits!  From makeup to tights, Her Campus has you covered this fall.  So, what is inside our fancy new #HCSurvivalKits?

The Diva Cup

Thanks to The Diva Cup, your period is covered!  “The DivaCup is a reusable, bell-shaped menstrual cup that is worn internally, collecting rather than absorbing menstrual flow.”  You can help the environment without having to worry about changing a tampon or sanitary napkin every few hours.  Since The Diva Cup lasts up to 12 hours, it covers your overnight leakage with ease.


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Juicy Couture



Start fall off right with a beautiful new fragrance from Juicy Couture!  The fragrance includes top notes of taffy apple, mandarin, and red currant.  It follows up with mid notes of tiger lily, jasmine petals, and pink honeysuckle.  Finally, the fragrance finishes with patchouli, whipped amber, and captive musks.  I love the mix of fresh fruit smells with the undertone of rich amber!  Thank you to Juicy Couture for the sample and coupons for Ulta.com!


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Flying Colors

Even though homecoming is over, support our Oles and get all of your St. Olaf gear from Flying Colors!  They focus on designing fun and cute styles specifically for women who want to support their schools!  With the coupons they sent us go get yourself something great for the new school year!  


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Freeman Beauty

Thank you Freeman Beauty for sending a collection of different face masks!  Head over to Freeman Beauty’s website, or Ulta, to pick up some great smelling face masks that feel great on your skin!  Treat your face every once and awhile :)


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Want to make your breasts feel amazing?  Feel confident with Maidenform’s push-up bras!  With Maidenform’s gracious coupon, we get up to 50% off all push-up bras until October 31st.  I love coupons for things I really need…like these super sexy and cute bras!


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Rimmel London


Okay, I love makeup, so I was ecstatic to get coupons and samples from Rimmel London!  Definitely pick yourself up some more of Rimmel London’s Super Curler Mascara!  I personally like darker mascara so our sample, “Black 001”, was a little light for me.  However, I loved what it did to my lashes so I will definitely be picking more up, but maybe in “Blackest Black”. We also got some awesome lipstick!  I don’t usually wear lipstick; but for special events and things, I will pick up some more “The Only 1” lipstick.  One disclaimer, though, is that the color I sampled was not my color.  Although the color, “You’re All Mine”, will look awesome on someone with darker skin than my white, white, white complexion!  Rimmel London also supplied us with their Colour Precise Eyeliner in blue.  While bright blue isn’t the best color for everyday wear, it looks really cool as accents or on top of other eyeliner!  It says 24 hour as well, and I can tell you I tested it on my hand it the color still stayed for over 24 hours!  So enjoy these gifts, Oles!


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“The Wearsafe Tag is the only personal safety button that instantly connects you to the people who know and love you the most, giving them both your location and valuable context about what’s happening through a continuous audio stream. With a private group chat, the people in your network can also communicate with each other to quickly decide how to get you the right help, right away.”  This really cool safety button can help you feel safe while traveling or even walking around at night.  I know I feel safer after connecting the button to my key ring!


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The Forge® Divide CamelBak is a great way to take coffee, tea, water, or anything else on the go!  With a leak-free lid and a drinking valve that opens with the press of a button, you can enjoy your favorite drinks one-handed.  Thank you so much to CamelBak for a look at their newest design!


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I don't have my CamelBak with me, but I have the white one pictured above!  Picture Credit: https://www.maxforma.pl/userdata/gfx/8088c0c3e4edc98e3f41911fdac137d8.jpg



Thank you to L’eggs for sending us both coupons for their silky tights as well as samples of those tights.  The tights feel amazing while being extremely sturdy.  L’eggs is definitely the brand I will look to when I need more tights!  


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For anyone who has dealt with a yeast infection before, this gift is a life saver!  Thank you to Monistat for the coupons as well as an example of their itch relief cream.  While you may think it will never happen to you, Monistat has given us the facts!  Yeast infections happen in 3 of 4 women at least once in their lifetime, which means that even if you don’t see yourself getting an infection, buy some Monistat for the future because it truly works!


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Andrews McMeel Publishing

Our school received The Roommate Book, written by Becky Simpson.  This is a delightful book that has fun quizzes, personality explanations, and tips on how to be/have the best roommate possible.  My roommate and I have already played some of the games in the book and I look forward to finishing The Roommate Book so I can adopt some of Becky’s ideas into my own life.  Thank you for the enjoyable book, Andrews McMeel Publishing and Becky Simpson!


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Enjoy these fun goodies and get started on some online shopping with a collection of coupons!  

<3/ Rachel


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