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HC Summer Survival Kits!

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at St Olaf chapter.

Hi Collegiates!

We are so excited to announce all of the cool things we got from HC Headquarters this past week as a part of our summer survival kits! Not only are the HC sponsorers super generous, but all of the elements of our HC survival kit are super practical for the summer! So , without further ado, we would love to show you what we got in our HC survival kits!

Chipotle coupons

Who doesn’t love Chipotle? There’s no way to better celebrate the end of the school year with a burrito or a burrito bowl! Pick up some Chipotle today!

boohoo “April Showers” Pancho and the #WeareUSA Magazine

We know April is over, but we can still expect Minnesota weather! Stay dry with boohoo’s handy and stylish panchos! And enjoy the latest the latest boohoo magazine and what makes you YOU!

Her Campus Guide to College Life Postcard

As you celebrate yourself, take a second and help an underclassman or college perspective learn a thing about college life! Super practical (as always), the Her Campus Guide to College Life will tells you “how to manage relationships, stay safe and healthy, handle stress, and have the best years of your life!”

Crunch Live Membership:

Crunch Live is an online gym membership that gives you access to 70+ online workouts! Celebrate yourself by getting in shape for the summer!

Rich Bitch by Nicole Lapin

Follow Nicole Lapin’s simple plan for getting your financial life together! This are the handy steps that help you go after the rich life you deserve! Check out this book today!

Blink tattoos

What better way to celebrate packing away your winter jacket than showing off your temporary tattoos! Thanks to Blink, tattoos are accessible all summer long! Use the promo code HERCAMPUSVIP to save 15% on Blink tattoos! This expires 5/15, so buy some quickly!


chloe + isabel GEM cards and more!

chloe + isabel is a fashion jewelry brand, dedicated to empowering the next generation of college entrepeneurs. Not only do they provide awesome opportunities, but they’re a super fashionable jeweler! Check them out today!


We’re super excited about our summer survival kit! Check out everything that we got and remember to share this article on social media!

Maggie is a junior at St. Olaf, currently majoring in Spanish and Latin American Studies with a concentration in media studies.  She runs for the St. Olaf cross-country and track teams, writes for the school newspaper, and tries to do her homework in the downtime. Maggie enjoys spending time with her family and friends, reading, biking, skiing, and swimming.  She's excited to be a part of the Her Campus community!  Um Ya Ya!