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Five Life Lessons Every College Girl Can Learn from the Movie “Frozen”

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at St Olaf chapter.

The movie “Frozen” has been all the rage throughout the cold winter months of 2014, and if anyone can relate, it’s us Oles!  Not only can we identify to the extreme weather conditions, but we can also extract some very valuable lessons from this movie.  Who knew a Disney movie could hold so many important messages? 

*Spoiler warning!* If you haven’t seen Frozen yet, go and watch it before reading this!

1.  Never give up on your family: unconditional love conquers all! 

In Frozen: In the movie Frozen, the royal sisters Elsa and Anna have had their issues throughout the years.  Yet despite their problems, their strong force of love prevails and saves everybody from extreme danger!

In College: Yes, you’re probably miles away from home, but don’t forget about your family back home! They will always be there for you.  While boyfriends and friends come and go, your family will most likely be at your side.  So don’t forget to keep in touch with your family during college.  They are the reason you are here today!

2.  Don’t put all of your trust in a guy you just met.

In Frozen: Anna is so excited to leave the realms of her castle “for the first time in forever.”  But unfortunately, this extreme excitement leads to some poor judgement on her part.  After one night, Anna is engaged to the thoroughly charming and seemingly-genuine prince, Hans.  Much to our surprise (ha!) Hans ends up being a selfish, manipulative villain, not the prince full of potential as Anna thought.

In College: Learn from Anna’s poor judgement!  Yes, first impressions are important, but taking things slow and really getting to know someone is important, too.  It’s really easy to get caught up in the excitement of a Friday night and suddenly think you have met the guy of your dreams.  Sure, he may be dreamy, but try not to put a ring (or a Facebook relationship status) on it for awhile.  

3.  Don’t ignore your friends’ advice.

In Frozen: During Anna’s exciting first night with Hans, she seeks approval from her sister, Elsa.  To Anna’s dismay, Elsa shows harsh opposition.  Elsa thinks getting engaged after one night is ridiculous and will not give Anna her approval.  Despite this, Anna does not listen, which gets her into a big mess.

In College: I know it’s good to live and learn. Messes and mistakes happen, but the next time your friends seem uneasy about the guy you’re talking to or the choices you’re making, don’t ignore it.  Usually, your friend cares about your best interest and is giving you advice to HELP you.  Take your friend’s advice into consideration and value it as thoughtful and helpful.  

4.  Don’t be afraid to recognize your gifts and use your power: Love your true self!  

In Frozen: Throughout Elsa’s life, she is constantly told to “conceal” her gifts rather than “feel” the person she truly is and own it.  Once she recognizes her strengths and learns how to use them properly, Elsa is able to help many people with her powers and live the life she deserves to.  She no longer hides her true self.

In College: As you’ve probably heard, college is all about self-discovery.  Just like Elsa discovers her strengths and starts to radiate her true self, you should do the same!  Don’t be afraid to experiment with your talents and discover how you can use them to benefit others and yourself.  Your true self is what is most important. 

5.  When in doubt, sing it out and “Let it Go!” 

In Frozen: Like many Disney movies, when there is a problem in “Frozen,” there is a song.  For Anna and Elsa, this is a way to communicate, express sadness or joy, or solve a crisis.  The song “Let it Go” helps Elsa find strength within herself to overcome her struggles.  She has fun with it and is no longer sad and upset, but powerful and carefree!

In College: Instead of shutting down when you’re sad, stressed, or uncontrollably overwhelmed by college, take a deep breath and do something about it.  Whether it’s talking to a friend, letting out your sadness, or putting your negative energy towards something good, there are ways to take the matter into your own hands and fix it yourself.  It may not always be easy, but if you stop taking yourself so seriously, sing a song or two, and realize that things will get better, you’re on the right track.  

So, after you watch “Frozen” and fall in love with the self-empowering princesses, the catchy soundtrack, and the theme of sisterly love, reflect this Disney movie’s positive messages into your own life!!  

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