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Five great Date Night ideas for under $10

Hey Her Campus St. Olaf readers!
Spring is almost around the corner but don’t miss out on the opportunity to enjoy this last bit of winter with that special someone, or your best friends. Is it their birthday? Are you planning a date with that cute guy or girl you met at Speed Dating this month? Did Valentine’s Day rob your bank account, but you’re still looking for something to do this weekend? Here are five great ideas to help you plan your date…or just a fun time out with friends, and I promise, they can all be managed in under $10.
1. Winter Wonderland Date: Dreaming of the typical rom-com scene? Look no further than out your window! The few inches of snow is perfect for a date outside. If Old Main suits you, why not sneak out a Caf tray (remember to return it later) and go sledding on the hill!

2. Outdoors Adventure Date: Big Woods State Park is quite the attraction for those who enjoy nature. Only 10 minutes away from St. Olaf, it’s vibrant during the daytime, but you’re bound to hear wild animals coming out at night. It could be ideal for an adventurous date night – just make sure someone knows you’re out there. I visited this park on a December night as an escape from finals studying…I lasted 5 minutes. In a car.

3. Eating Out Date: Bored of Northfield? Driving up to the cities may be a hassle, but the restaurants in Uptown are worth it. You might be wondering how an Uptown restaurant could possible satisfy the $10 budget constraint. Chino Latino and Chiang Mai Thai among a few others, offer half price appetizers with Happy Hour on weeknights! A meal of appetizers could suffice as a dinner for two for $20. While you’re in the cities, a walk around Lake Calhoun or Lake Nikomis would be a perfect end to a romantic night.

4. Movie Date: Sometimes, St. Olaf deserves more credit than we are willing to admit. The Movie Bus is available every Saturday evening to drive you and your date to the Lakeville Movie theater for $5. A movie and transportation for that price is something even Carleton might not be able to live up to! If you prefer staying in, there are three Red Box machines within a mile of St. Olaf, allowing you to rent a movie for only $1.20! 

5. Exercise Date: Up for a work-out and some competition? St. Olaf may just have the best gym I’ve ever been to. A rock climbing competition would pump up your adrenaline and bring out your competitive side. Word is, guys really enjoy seeing that side. Our campus also has an outdoor and an indoor tennis court. Surprise a date – or friends – with your skills!
There you have it – some great ideas ideas for a weekend date night or evening of fun with your friends.
Do you have any low-budget date night ideas? Share them with Her Campus readers below!

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