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as a little kid i hated pink.

i liked running around and hanging out with friends but NOT pink. i refused to be pink. i thought pink was loud and abrasive. angry. standoffish. mean. i was black and white. quiet, muted, subtle. i did not want to be pink. i love strawberry milk. as a kid i didn’t want to like strawberry milk because it was pink. i was not. I THOUGHT THAT I COULD NOT BE A FEMINIST IF I WAS FEMININE. bet you didn’t think this was going there did you. i was somehow given the idea that femininity was weak. i was taught i couldn’t be a strong woman if i was feminine. i love strawberry milk. I love pale pink, lace, cute bras, and bows on underwear and silk and satin. i love baby pink. i am strong. i overcome daily struggles with anxiety, i have overcome systematic racial oppression and sexism, among many other things. i am definitely strong. i am a feminist. but I’m “not your mothers” feminist. i am a new age, intersectional, all inclusive feminist.i believe in a feminism that allows women to believe they are beautiful without being ridiculed or seen as egomaniacs or rude.

i believe in protecting my sisters, not just cis-ters. trans women are more likely to face sexism on a daily basis than other cis women, so why they aren’t included in popularized feminism is beyond me. i also believe that adult entertainers should be included and fought for by feminists. i believe in equal justice for male assault victims and female victims, and i believe in their equal protection and the equal prosecution of their perpetrators. i believe that a stay at home mom is just as valid as a feminist figure as a multimillion dollar company CEO. but how could i be saying this? because every woman has the right to have whatever occupation she desires, be it the ceo or the adult entertainer, or the domestic woman, so long as it is her choice to be those things and not a societal expectation or some decision made by someone else. i love strawberry milk. i love lace and cute bras and bows on underwear and pokemon and stargazing and sparkly shoes and dogs and makeup body glitter hair dye and shaven legs. and i love them for me. not for anyone else or because anyone tells me to, but because i am my own person and i enjoy these things. i am a feminist who loves being cuddled and taken care of and cooking for people she loves and doing my makeup only to wear a t-shirt and a flannel, not because i think it will impress anyone, but because it makes me feel beautiful. i am a feminine feminist and nothing will stop me from being such. I love strawberry milk, and dare i say it, i also love myself. 

passionate about equality, feminism, music and pop culture. a bit of a makeup girl and an avid user of all lowercase letters
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